Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA
Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA
Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA
Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA

Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA


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Each unit includes 12 pieces

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These Locs 8LOC91197-BDNA sunglasses combine strength, versatility, and a distinct style. The oversized rectangular frames and bandana pattern featuring the Locs logo perfectly blend urban fashion with modern design. Each pack contains 12 pairs, making them the ideal choice for both fashionable and refined looks in any environment. With sturdy lenses and an anti-glare coating, these sunglasses offer exceptional functionality, comfort, and eye protection while seamlessly merging fashion and function into a timeless and unbeatable style. Indulge in superior vision, unparalleled comfort, and stylish durability with these elegant frames - a perfect balance of sophistication and substance.

Frame Material: Polymer
Frame Shape: Sports Wrap
Frame Color: Black with Various Color Bandana Print
Lens Color: Smoke
Hinge Type: Pin Hinge
Unit of Sale: Dozen

Pictures shown for listed product are for reference to the frame style only.

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