Photochromic Choppers PHC-CP928

Photochromic Choppers PHC-CP928


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Each unit includes 12 pieces

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Transform your style and shield yourself with the unbeatable protection of Photochromic Choppers PHC-CP928. These revolutionary lenses change from clear to smoke in mere seconds under UV rays, and seamlessly revert back when the sun's rays disappear. Not only do they offer top-notch UV protection, but they also fulfill all performance and protection requirements. Our competitive wholesale prices include a chic display box, carefully designed frame specs, and the ultimate luxury of our Choppers branded box, all at no extra cost. For effortless stocking, each box comes with 12 pairs, ensuring your store is always stocked with the best. Elevate your eyewear collection with Choppers sunglasses PHC-CP928 and treat your customers to an exclusive experience.

Frame Material: Polymer
Frame Shape: Sports Wrap 
Frame Color: Black
Lens Color: Photochromic Lens - Clear to smoke in under 30 second and vice versa
Padding: Foam Padded Frame - Providing comfort and minimize wind intrusion  
Hinge Type: Pin
Unit of Sale: Dozen

Pictures shown for listed product are for reference to the frame style only.

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